PS4 gets GTA5 – YEAH!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is certainly currently the most coveted video game of the year 2012 Few other titles provide in this form for so much interest and attention among followers enjoyable games. So it is little amazing that the video game scene nearly day is already confronted by day with brand new speculations. Most recently, new statements about release date and contents on the E3 were expected. Fans and editors were unfortunately disappointed because Rockstar was no new details at the best. Various news reports by both of October or the holiday shopping season of the year as well as the spring of 2013, are likely. Because it previously but are no public statement on the part of the producers, these speculations remain pure speculation continue. Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS4 has an interesting history. In each of the many phenomena Rockstar could fascinate the PS4 gamers on a new and set an example in the world of video games. Accordingly, it is not surprising that the computer game is published in its fifth edition and has million followers throughout the globe. In Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4, the user can break into the gaming world in and around Los Santos, a fictional metropolis which is to be modeled on the US-American world city LA. Even the protagonist remains like so much hitherto secret. Enthusiasts speculate, meanwhile, whether the player slipping in the person of an aged T. Vercetti or even can control the known Lopez. Looking at the storyboards past but parts of one can rather expect a completely new player character, known this was always changed in previous titles. Regardless of who’s role you must empathize, GTA V on PS4 will code of the action in no way different from the other gaming platforms and is available here. It is certainly to be expected that the version will once again appear a little late for the PC u. DLC (downloadable contents) will appear as a little later on the video game consoles. GTA 5 will once again offer its players on PS4 new technologies in terms of programming and design. The virtual world is supposed to be accompanying a lot of extensive inter alia, incredibly rich in detail, so much let the fans the screenshots shown from the game already believe. Ingenious environment was long time a property of this series u. They are also notorious for spectacular innovations considered one technical and creative sophistication. Game Technically, the fan can look forward to much improved development of his character as well as many new innovations. Recently, Mr. Houser, Vice President at Rockstar Games has already given a hint: As in Max Payne 3 for the first time possible multiplayer friends will be able to gangs, sg Crews may occur. This robberies and the fight against police and the FBI still a lot to be significant. But the multiplayer mode also so is now fixed it. In the older games, players had to put up with less good amateur solutions to use a multiplayer can. This can now after a long wait to be different with GTA 5. We are curious.