The Best Bitcoin Trading Apps In 2021

crypto trading tablet application

The best bitcoin trading apps, that I have come across, have all been created for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. That is not surprising as iPhones and iPod Touch are generally considered to be the most widely used electronic devices in the world today. That means people have a much larger audience that they can promote to using apps. There are also many more outlets to promote to with these devices.

The most popular exchanges, like Binance and the ever reliable Bitfinex, have come onto the scene only in the last few years. However, meanwhile it seems like every day a new exchange decides to go live. The best bitcoin trading apps I have come across are the ones which are created for the Apple platform. They are very easy to use and have a very clean design, unlike their android and blackberry siblings. Binance is one of the few platforms that always offers certain discounts that are regularly actualized here.

Trade Bitcoin with MetaTrader


The list of top 20 best bitcoin apps, which are based on the iOS platform, includes some very useful applications. MetaTrader is an exceptional forex trading widget which allows you to browse the major international markets, just by tapping the screen, including cryptocurrencies. You can set your own criteria for what you wish to track and the app will do all the dirty work for you. You can also set your own stop-loss and make smart trades from there.

BitTrex Altcoin Trading App

Bittrex on Mobile DevicesAnother one of the best bitcoin trading apps, that has really come into its own recently, is the mobile currency trading app called BitTrex. This app was co-created by an expert in the field of mobile forex, John H. Forman, Ph.D. and an accomplished entrepreneur who started his online investment company Tractive Securities.

It’s no doubt that BitTrex has one of the most user friendly interface of any of the top 20 best android and desktop trading platforms. It allows its users to enter transactions virtually using nothing more than their cell phone, making it a must-have for traders looking to automate their lives.

An additional two of the best bitcoin trading apps that have been attracting many users lately have been the iPhone and iPad versions of Zedge. The iPhone version is simply gorgeous. It is an intuitive and beautiful piece of software that allows you to trade from anywhere, anytime, by just using your fingers. It’s a must-have for people who use their iPhones for business purposes. The iPad version also has a nice interface and is capable of showing you real time quotes and actually functioning as a mini trader.

Decentralized Trading Apps


There are also several other lesser known bitcoin trading platforms that are becoming popular every day. One such noteworthy alternative is the Waves platform. The Waves Platform is an extremely simple to use app that enables its users to trade with the volatile price of the coin pairs that it covers.

It does not require a long-time investment in order to get started and will even give you a modest tutorial before you get started. Its commission fees are very low and its trade costs are practically nothing at all. Thus, this is one of the best bitcoin trading apps that have been attracting many users and is becoming increasingly popular amongst traders.


Another of the best bitcoin trading apps out there is the UniSwap exchange. This particular platform allows you to buy and sell numerous altcoins from any of the major worldwide currency pairs. UniSwap has a very low minimum deposit required and yet still manages to make trades for you on your behalf. You will need to pay for this service once, but after that you’ll never have to deal with it again. Thus, it is one of the most profitable ways to invest in the realm of digital currency.

Binance – Comprehensive Crypto Banking App

Lastly, we have the well respected Binance platform. They are even on eof the very few cryptocurrency platforms that even offer a payment card users can order. Those cards are from VISA and work exactly like a debit card. Read more about them if you’re interested.

Binance is a very simple, streamlined and effective option. This platform allows you to manage all your transactions and also has a feature allowing you to place automated stop orders. It also allows you to set up limits plan for your trades. Thus, if you’re looking for an easy way to invest in the world of cryptoscience, then look no further than Binance.