VPN Service Provider

Here you will find the large VPN provider compared: cost, number of IP addresses, number of server locations, protocols, methods of payment, encryption types, client versions and more detail information about the provider. What is a VPN? A VPN = Vitual Private Network allows an encrypted, secure and authenticated connection from remote locations in a secured network. That means one uses a public network (Internet or Wireless LAN network) as a transport medium to get then in a well secured non-public VPN network such as a corporate intranet. If you do not have DSL or similar internet access, you can check this site for the best DSL provider. Access can be via a VPN client or a web client. Benefit: You can from any location work, as if ‘you were connected directly in the building to the relevant VPN. For Existing VPN connection the computer is virtually connected to the network. Other advantages of VPN: By connecting to a VPN provider to surf with its IP address, so you can regionally blocked websites in another country access also remains its own IP address and the PC location completely unknown.